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Kadra Nova or KN is an innovative and disruptive technological solution that has a twofold goal : Bio and Ecolo (Eco), whence the Bio t' Eco in or simply Biotecoin.

KN is the first appliance able to recycle 100% of plastic and aluminium materials from your home. Absolutely 100% from your home!

Every plastic bottle or aluminium canet treated with KN is returned to the manufacturer, so it can be remade over and over again : Circular Economy

Every tree or plant you plant, KN will reward you generously ! Doubly rewarded

Less plastic and aluminium, More plants for a better human being's life !

KN, the solution that makes difference:

  • KN - Eco , The world’s first inexpensive at-home plastic bottle collecting and sorting smart solution. Likewise, it allows to collect and sort aluminium canets at-home. you will be doubly rewarded: cash and tokens.

  • KN - Bio , The world’s first planting and reforestation solution using satellite and blockchain technologies with only renewable energies mining such as photovoltaics and wind turbines.

  • Biotecoin , In addition to the cash reward, you will be rewarded in Tokens convertible into cash.That's why we use Blockchain technologies that only mine with renewable energies mainly photovoltaics and wind turbines.

Bio and Ecolo ? Biotecoin ? Rewarding ?

By collecting and shredding bottles and cans with our at-home small machine KN, you contribue to Circular economy (Ecolo). KN also encourages the planting of trees everywhere (Bio) while generously rewarding both Bio and Ecolo processes contribuators by cash and tokens convertible to cash called Biotecoin

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Annually the world wastes $80-120 billion in plastic alone.

Only 9 % of plastic bottles are recycled !

Annually the world achieve Only 3 % tree plantation !

required just 3-4 times per year

We UBERise Plastic and Aluminum Recycling

KN is here to change mainly plastic recycling for good, and we can’t do it alone !

KN is here to adopt a new circular economy action plan, and we can’t do it alone !

We UBERise Tree Plantation

The best way to save the earth is to plant trees everywhere to absorb CO2 and to decrease the 45% of the world’s global greenhouse gas emissions.

KN is here to plant trees everywhere as much as possible, and we can’t do it alone !

We UBERise Green Energies, Clean Energies

KN is here to use renewable energies, and we can’t do it alone !

KN is here to change mining blockchain for good, with only renewable energies, and we can’t do it alone !

Join KN revolution

KN is here to change life for good, and we can’t do it alone !


KN brings new plastic recycling services. With KN, it’s not about what it used to be, it’s about what it will be.

We INVENT new system

Did you know that just 20% of recycling from your home is actually recycled ! Instead of changing the system, we opted to invent a new one, the KN sytem. Everything, in plastic or aluminium, treated with KN is returned to the manufacturer, so it can be remade over and over again.

We CHANGE the way

Recycling methods did not change since the 80's ! We face same problems for 40 years that still have not fixed. The recycling system is overly complicated. Recycling infrastructure has just gotten more and more complicated.

We SIMPLIFY the life

KN makes recycling simple. Simply put your bottle or canet into the KN door and your job is done. KN is designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. No extra steps, no room for error, just results.

We SAVE the planet

No generation has the right to pollute the planet and deforest it. But they did ! and they still do. With KN, we’re putting power into the hands of people who aims to save the earth and reforest it. KN Promotes the restoration of biodiversity in the marine, terrestrial and urban environment: Less Plastic and more trees !

We SHARE the income

People pay millions of taxpayer for a system that works badly. KN REWARDS your collecting shredded plastic and aluminium at home. KN REWARDS your planting trees and plants. KN SHARES with you incomes of home collected Plastic and Aluminum: It returns money (Cash and Biotecoin) straight back to you.

We SERVE you to have better Bio and Eco life !

We INVENT, CHANGE, SIMPLIFY, SAVE and SHARE with you for the planet, your health.

circular recycling solution

Plastics are inexpensive and durable making them very adaptable for different uses; as a result humans produce a lot of plastic. However, the chemical structure of most plastics renders them resistant to many natural processes of degradation and as a result they are slow to degrade. Together, these two factors allow large volumes of plastic to enter the environment as mismanaged waste and for it to persist in the ecosystem.

Historically, the world has operated in a linear economy where raw materials and resources are extracted or harvested from the ground to produce products. The Linear economy...

Pastic Raw Materials

Linear Economy

Those products are then used, some only a couple of times, and when we no longer want them, they are thrown away—creating a take-make-waste process known as a linear economy.


Linear Economy

The global waste crisis and climate change are two of the greatest challenges of our time, and the world desperately needs a materials revolution that will help address both.


Linear Economy

Brands are facing growing climate and environmental scrutiny from consumers, end users, NGOs, investors, and other stakeholders, resulting in companies setting aggressive goals to include recycled content in products.


Linear Economy

Plastic pollution is the accumulation of plastic objects and particles in the Earth's environment that adversely affects humans, wildlife and their habitat.Plastics that act as pollutants are categorized by size into micro-, meso-, or macro debris.

Pastic Waste

Linear Economy

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Added Value Services

The use of satellites, IOT and AI in our solution has a valuable advantage: quickly collecting reliable information on the state of plant growing or crops while highlighting the spatial and temporal variability of this state.


Collecting Plant Growth data by satellite (and probably Drones)

Images are acquired at the key stages of the planting via satellite or drone for precise advice and as close as possible to crop needs

AI and IOT

Analysing Plant Growth data

A processing chain to analyze the images acquired independently of atmospheric conditions in order to check if Plants are growing or not


Remote GPS coordinates of the plants

To make the solution easy, the user send just GPS coordinates of its plant, and the app do its work by calulating plant Growth.

Tree growth

Taking care of Plant

The more the plant grows day by day, the more the user will be rewarded


To collect and sort plastic bottles and aluminium canets at-home, you need KN-ECO. We offer various packs for you: Free, Basic and Plus. Choose the perfect plan



  • Not Smart Collector
  • Minimum Collect by month: 1 kg
  • Deposit Manually by your self
  • Receive cash returns Immediatlety
  • Bottle deposit , from your home

Our business model is based on one principle: win-win! User of KN and Biotecoin is the big winner
For KN-BIO, you need just to use our Mobile App in order to send yours plants GPS Coodinates and to be rewarded in Biotecoin!

Frequently Asked Questioins

If you have any question that doesn't appear below. Please ask it by email, we will be happy to answer.

  • Very simple: A draw will open into which you place your plastic bottle ( or aluminium canet). You will push the draw closed.

  • It's not very noisy, your KN will be as noisy as the fast spin cycle on your washing machine.

  • There are two kinds of solutions:AT HOME, there is Smart Bin (still in the experimental phase) but it's is very expensive and not ecological! The second solution is OUTSIDE (in supermarkets for example), and it is not practical at all.Both of them reward very little !!!
    In addition to these reasons,you choose KN because it's not expensive at all, easy to operate and you will be reawarded generously, we share !

  • NO, for plastic and aluminium and soon for paper, glass and steel.
    YES, for the other organic waste.

  • Subject to householder consumption, between three (3) and eight (8) times a year is the current estimate.

  • Between 10 and 36 kilos. Moreover, the container is on wheels so it will be easy to move.

  • Subject to the layout and size of your home, you will place your KN preferably in your kitchen to gain the most convenience benefit, or your laundry, your garage or outside.

  • You will be able to buy your KN on-line. $0-Reservations will commence in Septembre 2024. In order of making your $0-Reservation you will be given the opportunity to pre-purchase your KN.

  • Not exactly, it was created to doubly reward you by collecting virtual point upcoming from you Bio and Eco contributions. It means that when you plant a tree ( Bio) you will receive points or coins as reward. The same thing when you collect plastic or aluminium (Eco) using KN, you will recieve coins called Biotecoin, besides cash.

  • Yes, you can convert it and exchange it as other crypto, but its price is not fluctuable like Bitcoin or other crypto. Moreover, it's an ecological coin that doesn't consume polluating energies.

  • It's not a classic mining based on consumming electricity ! The Mining of the Biotecoin IS USED ONLY with clean energies like photovoltaics..

  • Recycling plastic, because we share benefits of shredded plastics and you will be paid immediately ! You will be well rewarded, also, by Planting tree, but it's slower than Recycling plastic, that's why we thinked about modifying Biotecoin algorithm for the benefit of planting !


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